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23/02/2018 - 18:51hs

Brazilian travels the path of Dom Pedro II in Egypt

Professor from the Maranhão Federal University, Liliane Correa, is in Aswan and will visit the places that the Brazilian emperor visited in his trips to the Arab country in the 1870s. She gave a lecture in the city.

Press Release

Professor visited the temple of Abu Simbel

São Paulo – A Brazilian researcher is travelling through Egypt, going to the places that emperor Dom Pedro II visited in his trips to the Arab country in the 1870s. This initiative is part of a post-doctorate internship program at the Portuguese Language Department of the Aswan University being attended by professor and doctor in History Liliane Correa, under the supervision of the department’s coordinator, professor and doctor in Language Maged Elgebaly.

Liliane landed in Cairo 20 days ago and is currently in Aswan, the starting point for her to follow the emperor’s path. Thus far, she has been to the temples that Dom Pedro II visited, among them the Abu Simbel, built by Pharaoh Ramesses II and located near the Sudan border. The Brazilian says that temple was moved from its original place, otherwise it would be underwater in the Nile due to the creation of Lake Nasser with the construction of the Aswan Dam.

From Aswan, the professor will go to Luxor. The route also includes Cairo and Alexandria. Elgebaly organized, alongside the director of the Tourism sector of local airline EgyptAir, Nagy Abdalla, an itinerary that included most of the places visited by Dom Pedro II in the 1871 and 1876 trips. Liliane Correa will write articles for academic publications on the topic and doesn’t rule out the possibility of the material becoming a book.

The Brazilian is currently part of the coordination department of the Human Sciences Course at Maranhão Federal University (UFMA), at Campus VII/Codó, and teaches several History classes. She’s also a member of the Studies and Research Group – Literature, History and Press (Gepelhi), alongside professor Cristiane Tolomei and Elgebaly. The topic of the research is the contents of Maranhão newspapers in the19th century.

The press in Maranhão wrote about the emperor’s trip to Egypt at the time and the press’ coverage is the theme of the Liliane’s post-doctorate internship program at Aswan University. On Thursday (22), the Brazilian gave a short course about the topic at the Egyptian university to the students of the Portuguese Department. The Egyptian university offers a Portuguese Language and Literature course, with some Brazilian professors in the teaching staff.

Press Release

Liliane (R) with students and officials of Aswan University

Professor Liliane Correia majored in History at Minas Gerais Federal University (UFMG), has a master’s degree at São Paulo University (USP) and a doctor’s degree at the Center for the Research and Documentation of Contemporary Brazilian History (CPDOC) of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) in Rio de Janeiro.

The researcher says that she heard of the trips by Dom Pedro II when she was an undergraduate, but that she set the topic aside due to her professional commitments. “It’s like you’re willing to study it, but set it aside and think: in some other moment I look at this, you know?,” she told ANBA. From a conversation with Elgebaly, who visited Maranhão last year, came the idea of bringing together 19th century Brazil and 19th century Egypt in the same research.

In addition to students, professors and other university officials, among them professor and doctor Ahmed Ghallab, the university’s dean, attended Liliane’s lecture at Aswan University. She spoke in Portuguese and Elgebaly translated to Arabic.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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