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01/03/2018 - 07:00hs

New Brazilian Navy team to arrive in Lebanon

A group with 213 military personnel is on board of Frigate Independência and is set to arrive in Beirut next Wednesday. They will replace the team currently in the Arab country as part of an United Nations’ peacekeeping mission.

São Paulo – A group with 213 military personnel of the Brazilian Navy will arrive next week in Beirut, Lebanon, to join the United Nations’ peacekeeping mission in the Arab country. They are currently on board of frigate Independência, which left Rio de Janeiro on January 28. Its estimated arrival is Wednesday (7).

Luise Martins/UNIC Rio

Frigatte Independência will be a part of the task force

Brazil heads the Maritime Task Force of the United Nations Interim Force since 2011, and every six months the active team and ship are replaced. Frigate Independência will replace the corvette Barroso in the peacekeeping mission, according to an interview of the Brazilian Navy to ANBA.

Brazil heads maritime operations of an UN mission in Lebanon, aiming to prevent the entrance, in Lebanese territory, of illegal weapons and smuggling, via naval patrols in waters under Lebanese jurisdiction. The country also offers personnel training to the Lebanese Navy. The goal is for the Lebanese Navy to be able to control the country’s jurisdictional waters.

Currently, the Brazilian mission in Lebanon has 183 military personnel. According to the Navy, the variation in the number of personnel sent – 30 more in the current team – is due to the specificity of the ships. But the Navy states that, despite the different class they’re in, both have the same capabilities, that is, perform perfectly well the duties of a flagship vessel.

According to the Navy, the replacement of the ships is done due to maintenance, and in the case of the team, to relieve the currently crew. In addition to the crew, the frigate includes marines, combat divers, among other professionals that are needed for the Navy’s mission in Lebanon.

The personnel going to Lebanon went through a specific training, developed for the crews selected to join the Task Force. The training includes instructions required by the United Nations. The Navy also analyses the physical and psychological conditions of the personnel. They will on board of the ship during the whole mission – in this case, until September of this year.

Luise Martins/UNIC Rio

The ship left Rio de Janeiro in the end of January

According to the Navy, the Lebanese welcome in a positive way the presence of Brazilian military personnel, since they’re part of a peacekeeping mission that contributes for the region’s security. The Navy says that the country’s leadership comes from the tradition of taking part in peacekeeping missions, such as the one in the Suez Canal, East Timor and Haiti.

“In this sense, and because it always stands for pacific solutions to the conflicts based on its crucial principle of international relations, the Brazilian Navy contributes since 2011 to the work developed in Lebanon, always leading the peacekeeping mission. The military personnel now travelling to this new stage aims to keep unchanged

The frigate Independência is carrying, for this trip, 44,000 insulin doses donated by Brazil to the World Health Organization (WHO). According to information given by the Navy to ANBA, the material will be used to care for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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