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12/03/2018 - 07:00hs

Colored solar glass from Dubai to sell in Brazil

Photovoltaic glass manufacturer Emirates Insolaire is awaiting certification from the local regulator before beginning to ship its product, which should happen by June, in addition to the opening of a showroom.

São Paulo – Dubai-based company Emirates Insolaire is planning to start selling colored photovoltaic window panes in Brazil. It’s awaiting certification from the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality (INMETRO) to begin selling and open a showroom and office in São Paulo.

Press Release

Insolaire makes colored solar glass

So said Latin America Sales and Marketing executive Rogerio Carranza Duarte, who’s already looking into the Brazilian market. He told ANBA that the certification process is underway at INMETRO and that he believes the company will be cleared by June.

Emirates Insolaire makes solar glass using Kromatix technology, developed by Switzerland’s SwissINSO. The panes can be used in building façades to capture solar power, which gets stored for later use within the building.

Emirates Insolaire makes its product in the United Arab Emirates. The company was established in 2013 through a joint venture involving SwissINSO and Dubai Investment. The latter is one of the UAE’s major investment companies, active in industries including pharmaceuticals, civil construction and real estate.

Duarte of Insolaire said Insolaire products supply the near-entirety of power consumption in some projects. The technology leads to increased power generation as opposed to buildings where solar panels are employed only on rooftops.

Kromatix’s colored glasses are also usable in façades. Insolaire glass comes in six colors: grey, green, blue, terracotta, bronze and gold. The first two are light-toned, and all are opaque, which makes for more efficient production, according to Duarte. Buyers can also pick other colors, but performance will suffer, he said.

Duarte explains that this is a unique, exclusive solution in the solar power industry. “Kromatix technology relies on atomic layer deposition of nanoparticles onto the glass’ surface, rather paint, pigmentation or film,” he said. According to him, the technology required over eight years’ worth of research and development.

Duarte said some prospective clients are already interested in buying from Emirates Insolaire. The strongest demand is from commercial and residential buildings, but high-end houses and industries are also looking at the product. Insolaire has partners to work on product installation in Brazil. Its niche is known as Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV).

There are 60,000 square meters worth of Emirates Insolaire products in use around the world. April should see it be used in Dubai as well, according to Duarte. While declining to reveal any details, he explained that the company will supply glass for buildings including three iconic projects in Dubai. The technology is fit for use in all areas of Brazil, he said. Duarte explained that over time, the investment pays for itself through power generation.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, Insolaire supplied glass panes for the world’s biggest photovoltaic façade: the Copenhagen International School’s, spanning a 6,600 square meter surface. According to Duarte, the project was named one out of five that will forever change the concept of architecture in the world.

Emirates Insolaire is also the exclusive distributor in Latin America of colorless photovoltaic panels by manufacturer Almaden¸ which are made in the UAE and China.

Quick facts

Emirates Insolaire
Website: http://emirates-insolaire.com
Email: rogerio@emirates-insolaire.com
Phone: +55 11 970513180

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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