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11/03/2018 - 07:00hs

Book portrays Brazil from a Lebanese viewpoint

The publication ‘Brazil from the viewpoint of the Lebanese and descendants’ brings 15 testimonies and will be launched on March 20 in Beirut. The organizer of the book is Lebanese woman Roula Fares Dia.

Press Release

Roula: master?s degree in International Relations

São Paulo – A book scheduled for launching in Lebanon this month will portray Brazil from the viewpoint of 15 Lebanese men and women and descendants. The book’s organizer is Lebanese Roula Fares Dia, who has a Paraguayan citizenship but lives in her home country. She gathered testimonies from people such as the current Brazilian ambassador in Beirut, Jorge Geraldo Kadri, and the former Lebanese minister Abdel Rahim Mourad.

Titled “Brazil from the viewpoint of the Lebanese and descendants”, the books will come out in Portuguese and Arabic, with the launching scheduled for March 20 at the Brazil-Lebanon Cultural Center, a body of the Brazilian embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. There will be a later launching at the Bekaa Valley, home of a large Brazilian community.

The author was born in Lebanon and is married with Paraguay’s ambassador in the country, Hassan Khalil Dia. She lived in Brazil for a time and gave birth to all four of her children in Brazil. With a major in Law in Brazil and another one in Political and Management Sciences in Lebanon, Roula earned a master’s degree in International Relations with a work about Brazil and Lebanon and graduated in Political and Diplomatic Relations at the International Court of Arbitration.

Roula says that the idea for the book came after reading the book “Paris – As Seen by the Arabs”, organized by Lebanese researcher, writer and journalist living in Paris, Faisal Jalul. In his book, 13 writers give their point of view on the French capital.

“The idea came, with a focus on texts by Lebanese and Lebanese-descendant intellectuals that lived or live in Brazil and lived through experiences that reflect, through their eyes, the image of Brazil, as well as allude to the seed of life in texts and experiences that deserve to be published,” she said via email to ANBA.

The organizer says that the Lebanese community has been contributing significantly in the cultural, social and political structure of Brazil. “The importance of this book lies in the Brazil-Lebanon relations, since it portrays the unique viewpoint that the Lebanese, immigrant or Lebanese-descendant has on Brazil, the country has hosts the largest number of Lebanese and Lebanese-descendants in the world. The people that wrote for the book show their passions for the El Dorado of the past and for contemporary Brazil,” says Roberto Khatlab, Brazilian intellectual and writer that lives in Lebanon.

One of the people that gave their testimonies is Mourad, former minister of Technical and Professional Education of Lebanon between 1995 and 1998, former minister of Education and Higher Learning from 2000 to 2003, former minister of State from 2003 to 2004 and former minister of Defense in 2004. He has Brazilian citizenship. Ambassador Kadri, who also wrote a testimony, is the son of Lebanese parents.

“The book is a small project but done with a tremendous love for our second nation, Brazil,” says Roula. The book will be launched by Lebanese publishing house Dar Al-Farabi Publishing and will be available throughout Lebanon in bookstores.

*Translated by Sérgio Kakitani

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