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06/02/2011 - 07:00hs

Brazilian artists to exhibit in Dubai

Pictures and sculptures by 21 Brazilian artists should be shown at Gallery 76, starting on Wednesday. The exhibition is organized by Eric Art and has support of the embassy of Brazil in the Emirates.

São Paulo – Brazilian artists are winning more and more space in the Emirates. Next Wednesday (9), the Arabs are going to be able to appreciate and purchase the works of 21 artists, to show their art at Gallery 76, in Dubai, up to the 23rd of this month. The gallery should include 33 Brazilian works, among them pictures and sculptures, selected by curator Eric Landmayer, the director of Eric Art gallery, in São Paulo.

Press Release
Press Release

Eric Landmaeyr has worked in the market for 35 years

The artists are from several locations in Brazil and work with different modes of arts, like painting, sculpture, wire in aluminium and drawing. "I like to take a little of everything," said Landmayer, who has organised several Brazilian exhibitions in the Emirates.

According to him, Brazilian works are very well accepted in the Arab world. The colours, themes and variety of style attract the attention of Arabs. "Brazil is on the rise in the foreign market," said the curator, who has been in the market for 35 years and has already taken Brazilian works to over 40 countries.

This should be the first time that Landmayer goes to Gallery 76. The expansion has the support of the embassy of Brazil in Abu Dhabi. To help in the promotion, Landmayer has a partner in the Emirates, who has direct contact with clients and collectors in the Arab world.

With the help of Landmayer, who is also the commercial and critical promoter of art at the International Association of Art Critics (Aica-Paris), Brazilian works have already been acquired by many international collectors and buyers. According to him, the idea is now to further promote the work of Brazil in the Arab world. Among the Arab nations, apart from the Emirates, the curator has already promoted an exhibition in Egypt. In total, 40 countries have already received exhibitions organized by Eric Arte.

Press Release
Press Release

Picture by Sônia Barreto, special guest

Most of the Brazilian artists to be at Gallery 76 are emerging, some early into their career and others are already renowned, as is the case with guest artist Sônia Menna Barreto. The artist, specialized in oil painting, became renowned in 2002, when one of her paintings was delivered for inclusion in the collection of the Royal Family, in Buckingham Palace.

According to Landmayer, every time he promotes an exhibition in the Emirates he sells. The exhibitions generally take place once a year. The works exhibited at Gallery 76 cost on average US$ 3,000. "I am greatly interested in establishing myself in the Arab market. I want to promote Brazilian art and maybe even get a fixed space for Brazilian works in that market," he said.


Eric Art

Tel: (+55 11) 5631-4581
Email: landeric@bol.com.br
Site: www.ericartbrazil.nafoto.net
Date: February 09 to 23
Local: Gallery 76 (Dubai International Art Centre)

*Translated by Mark Ament

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