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28/06/2010 - 08:30hs

Angelus wants to quadruple exports to Arabs

The dentistry product company aims to expand its international market presence and increase its sales to the Arab countries. For such, it is investing in development of new products.

São Paulo – Company Angelus, which is based in the state of Paraná and provides solutions for the clinical dentistry segment, wants to increase its presence on the international market fourfold by 2013, and increasing sales to Arab countries is part of the planning.

The company began exporting to the Middle East in 2002. Presently, Saudi Arabia is the main importer of products made by company, which also sells to the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait. Out of the company’s annual revenues of 13 million Brazilian reals (US$ 7.2 million), 40% are from exports, out of which Arabs account for 11%.

Press Release
Press Release

Exports account for 40% of Angelus' revenues

Roberto Alcântara, the president of Angelus, explains that the company sells to local distributors and that it also participates in events in the Arab countries. "We attend business roundtables in dentistry fairs, which are more efficient because they target our specific segment."

Presently, the company exports products for dental restoration, pins for prosthetics, and root canal therapy to the Arabs. The aim of the company is to post revenues of 60 million reals (US$ 33 million) within three years. For such, it is investing 6 million reals (US$ 3.3 million) in research, development and innovation, especially in endodontics (canal therapy) and dental restoration products. "Innovation is always our goal, even when it comes to commodities," claims Alcântara.

Angelus already has eight patented products and should create yet another in 2010. According to the executive, the company develops dental filling cements, fibreglass-based products for prosthesis support and others that cannot be disclosed yet.

Thus, Alcântara also believes that sales to the Arab market may increase significantly. "It is a promising market with a reasonable size. We are interested in expanding, considering that we have not been on the market for long, and the company is quite young. Add to that the fact that we will launch a series of products over the next few years," he finishes off.

*Translated by Gabriel Pomerancblum

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