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About ANBA

The Brazil-Arab News Agency (ANBA) is the news website of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, out of São Paulo, Brazil. Its goal is to promote communication between Brazilians and Arabs.

The agency publishes daily articles on economy, business, and foreign trade, focusing mainly on Brazil’s relations with the 22 Arab countries. Periodically, the site also runs material on diplomacy, tourism, culture, and sports. All articles are bilingual, in Portuguese and English.

The content is produced by a team of journalists and translators based in the Arab Brazilian Chamber headquarters. Articles are mostly exclusive, but material from partner news agencies is also reproduced.

ANBA’s creation was commissioned by the Arab Brazilian Chamber in September 2003 from Meios Agência de Comunicação, which remained in charge of the site’s editorial coordination up until January 2013.


The agency has won 11 journalism awards: from the National Confederation of Transport (CNT) in 2004 and 2005; the Brazilian Railway Transport Association (ANTF) in 2006; the Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Industry Association (Abimaq) in 2006; the National Coffee Council (CNC) in 2007; from Massey Ferguson in 2007, 2008, and 2009; from the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) in 2007; from Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture in 2010; and from the Brazilian Highway Concessionaire Association (ABCR) in 2011.

ANBA articles were also runner-ups for the Sebrae Journalism Prize, the Alexandre Adler Award for Health-Related Journalism, and other editions of the Massey Ferguson and CNT awards.